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The Banking & Payments Show Podcast: The Role of ATMs in Retail Media

There are certainly good advertising opportunities at ATMs for banks and retailers. When a card holder is in front of an ATM, there are two points when you have their absolute focus.

First, when they put their card in, they're staring at the screen waiting for something to happen, and that's called the idle cycle. There is usually some type of advertising during that cycle, and if someone is at an ATM at a retail location, the advertising is usually about something at the retailer. If you're at the bank, the advertising will typically be about a mortgage, or a savings or checking account. Second, when the card holder is waiting for something to happen, the cash to come out or the shutter to open to take a deposit, that's another 20 seconds of advertising space when that cardholder's eyes are absolutely locked on that screen.

Listen to the full podcast and read the transcript here.