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Retail ATM Solutions

ATM services built for retail

An ATM is more than a cash box—it’s a driver of foot traffic, a customer service tool, a way to increase sales and more. With our unique combination of operational expertise, user experience, processing capabilities and transaction driving programs, NCR Atleos maximizes the total impact of the self-service channel for every retailer, large or small.

ATM solutions for retail

Retailers and merchants of all shapes and sizes benefit when their customers have easy access to cash. NCR Atleos offers ATM programs to fit the needs of any retail environment, from pharmacies to cruise lines, single-store operators to multi-national merchants.

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Large retail companies need a financial services solution that works for them, at scale, everywhere they operate. An NCR Atleos ATM program can draw in more store traffic, reduce labor costs and training by moving transactions to the ATM and promote sales through innovative marketing programs.

Small business

The requirements of small business owners are immense. Having a high-quality ATM operation should not be. NCR Atleos tailors ATM solutions to meet the specific needs of your business, whether you operate one store or dozens.

ATM processing

Independent ATM deployers rely on NCR Atleos for world-class processing solutions and support of their growing ATM businesses. Whether you operate a few dozen ATMs or thousands across multiple borders, NCR Atleos can give you the tools you need to power the success of your ATM business.