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Enterprise ATM Solutions

ATM services for the retail enterprise

We run the ATM program for regional, national and international merchants of every size.

Choose ATM services purpose-built for the retail enterprise

A full-service ATM program from NCR Atleos is unlike any other, set apart by our ability to increase top-line revenue and bottom-line profit. We deliver secure, reliable ATM programs that combine great user experience and exceptional availability, then we deploy transaction driving programs and innovations that attract more consumers for more services. The effect is dramatic, providing unmatched total value that drives real-world results.

Trust the world’s leading ATM operator

NCR Atleos is the world's largest ATM deployer, trusted to run ATM programs for retail businesses around the globe, including top brands such as CVS, Walgreens, Target, Co-Op and Circle K.

Our innovations and service offerings mean an NCR Atleos ATM works harder for you, and our operational expertise ensures your ATM is up and running when your customers need it.

Everything-included ATM program

Operating a large retail business today is complex, but your ATM program does not have to be. The turnkey everything included ATM program from NCR Atleos gives you everything you need. You provide the space, we do the rest... from supplying the ATM to ensuring its performance year after year.

Drive traffic to drive results

In today’s competitive world, providing a cash access solution is not enough. To get an edge over the competition, you need more—more customers through the door, more spend at the register, more opportunities to build brand loyalty—and our systems enable it all.

  • Allpoint: Attract customers from across the United States through the largest surcharge-free ATM network, serving over 60 million accounts.
  • Deposits: Make your stores a branch alternative for millions of consumers.
  • ATM Branding: Leverage top financial institution brands to draw in consumers.
Woman using mobile device to access banking services through NCR Atleos ATM

NCR Pay360

NCR Pay360 provides many more reasons for consumers to visit the NCR Atleos ATM in your store by expanding account access beyond traditional carded accounts. Instead of cards, consumers simply request a cash code from participating service providers.

NCR Pay360 is fast, simple and secure, and what’s best, it opens up new transaction opportunities by tapping into accounts that have not traditionally worked with cards.

Bring bitcoin to the ATM

Enabling bitcoin sales at your ATMs opens up a new source of revenue while giving customers a new reason to visit your store. NCR Atleos’ LibertyX brings bitcoin to the ATM, enabling consumers to purchase bitcoin quickly and securely through the proprietary app and properly-enabled ATMs.