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ATM Processing solutions

Run your ATM business with confidence

Everything you need to run your ATM business efficiently and cost-effectively.

Distributor services

Independent ATM deployers can more efficiently run their businesses with help from NCR Atleos. From ATM transaction processing to hardware sales, we give ATM entrepreneurs what they need to succeed.

How we help

For ATM entrepreneurs, we power your business. Whether you manage a few dozen sites or thousands, NCR Atleos will help you get the most from your business.

Maximize your profits

Benefit from preferred pricing to lower costs and unique product extensions to boost revenue.

Work with a trusted name in the ATM industry

NCR Atleos operates hundreds of thousands of ATMs. We pass our expertise on to you.

Manage your business with web services

Leading web services put your business at your fingertips with robust monitoring, transaction reporting and more.

ATM processing

NCR Atleos operates one of the world’s highest-volume ATM processing platforms, processing well over a billion transactions each year. Our highly secure platform is one you can trust, and our volume advantage means improved pricing, and profits, for you.

Support for ATM businesses

NCR Atleos is dedicated to serving the needs of ATM distributors, ATM operators and ATM portfolio managers. Our extensive support options mean you are never alone in running your ATM business.

  • Cash monitoring
  • Vault cash sourcing and delivery
  • Equipment financing
  • Call center/customer service
  • First- and second-line maintenance
  • Communications
  • Billing and payment
  • Online reporting and tracking

Focus on making your business a success while we focus on making it run the way it should.

Expand ATM revenue with bitcoin

Now your ATMs can do more than dispense cash—NCR Atleos' LibertyX enables bitcoin purchases right at your ATMs.

With the LibertyX app and a LibertyX-enabled ATM, consumers can make bitcoin purchases quickly and easily using a debit card. The seamless app and ATM purchase experience includes the option to receive purchased bitcoin in minutes, faster than most online purchase methods.

Selling bitcoin at your ATM may generate new revenue opportunities and give consumers new reasons to visit your ATMs, all using common ATM hardware.