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Small Business ATM Solutions

ATM services for independent merchants

We provide robust, profitable ATM solutions for independent merchants of all types and sizes.

Drive more revenue from your ATM

Small and mid-size retailers choose NCR Atleos for their ATM needs because we offer a platform that delivers more than cash. We provide a comprehensive ATM ownership experience that includes hardware, software, in-house transaction processing, maintenance, reporting, marketing, training and on-going customer service.

Our programs enhance both the direct revenue you earn from your ATM and the indirect revenue from increased customer visits and store sales that your ATM program can generate.

Turnkey, everything-included ATM program

Your expertise is in running your store, not managing ATMs. NCR Atleos puts our experience owning thousands of ATMs to work for you with our turnkey, everything-included ATM program.

You'll earn revenue from every ATM transaction, but never have to worry about the details like updating ATM hardware and software, loading cash, securely processing transactions or fixing things that break—we have it covered.

ATM programs to meet your needs

Your business is unique, and your ATM program should fit the needs of your unique business. That's why we offer a variety of programs to help you balance what you earn and the effort required.

  • Turnkey: We provide the ATM, cash and service.
  • Own and load: You purchase the ATM and manage the daily operation.
  • Placement: We supply and manage the ATM, you load the cash.
  • Cash assist: You purchase the ATM, we supply the cash and manage ATM operation.

Our experts can help you determine which program is right for you, customized with just the right options.

Get innovation, standard

You look to your ATM to drive revenue and profits for your stores. While any ATM can dispense cash and generate surcharge fees, it takes a special ATM to maximize your earnings. NCR Atleos brings world-class innovation to your ATM program, offering multiple options to maximize revenue. Let our experts work with you to configure an ATM program best suited to the needs of your store.

Cryptocurrency as a concept

Bring bitcoin to the ATM

Enabling bitcoin sales at your ATMs opens up a new source of revenue while giving customers a new reason to visit your store. NCR Atleos’ LibertyX brings bitcoin to the ATM, enabling consumers to purchase bitcoin quickly and securely through the proprietary app and properly-enabled ATMs.

Drive more transactions with Allpoint

The value of your ATM program is greatly enhanced when transactions increase. Allpoint, our proprietary surcharge-free ATM network, makes your ATM a destination sought after by over 60 million cardholders from over 1,200 financial institutions.